Innovative Systems provides small to medium-size businesses with affordable consulting, software tools, custom application development, integration, and education to help you optimize your supply chain. Since 2001, Innovative Systems has provided I.T. solutions to help companies streamline their supply chain, optimize their inventory levels, increase inventory turns, and ultimately, increase profit and return on investment. We are an I.T. and supply-chain consulting company that specializes in logistics and supply chain solutions. The services that we offer are: 1) Consulting, 2)Software Tools, 3) Custom Application Development, 4) Integration, and 5) Education.


Every project that we undertake usually begins with consulting. In consulting with our clients, we want to find out their business requirements and how we can provide the best solution to meet their needs. Our consulting phase usually involves both supply-chain and technical consulting.

From a supply-chain perspective, we want to accurately access the root causes of material and information flow problems and to pinpoint major opportunities for process improvements. Often, this involves educating our clients on best practices for optimizing their supply chain.

From a technology perspective, we want to accurately access the best technical solution that can incorporate the process or model that we develop from our consulting engagement. This involves looking at our suite of software tools to see how these programs can be customized to solve our client’s business challenges, whether a custom application needs to be developed, or trying to help our clients find the best third-party tool that meets their business objectives.

Software Tools

Innovative Systems offers two software solutions to help you streamline your business: iTurn and PEARL. Both solutions can "bolt on" to most MRP and financial packages through a customized build process. We offer both tools as a web-based service ("software as a service") or as a product with end-user licenses that can be purchased. After our consulting engagement, we can help you determine which option is best for you. The two software tools that we offer are:

1. iTurn = This tool will help you replenish the right products at the right time at the right quantity to reduce inventory while improving customer service. Learn More

2. PEARL = This tool helps organizations create plans of record that can be executed against to track variance and improve project coordination. Learn More

Custom Application Development

After our consulting engagement and assessing whether our client’s business objectives will work with our existing software tools, we can determine the extent of customization that is required. This involves determining the level of customization that is required to our software tools to meet a client’s business objectives and if a custom application is required.


For projects to be successful, our software tools and any custom applications that we develop usually must be tightly integrated with our client’s legacy systems. With extensive experience integrating with SAP and other MRP Systems, Innovative Systems can ensure our clients that their existing data can be tightly integrated with our technology solutions.


For any supply-chain technology project to be successful, proper education is essential. We equip our clients with supply-chain best practices and we educate our clients as we develop models and processes together. We also educate our clients in our software tools and any custom applications that we develop so that end users are confident and can execute their business process with knowledge and skill.